An Interview with Richard Wolff

Today, Wolff has emerged as one of — if not the number one — most prominent leftist economist in America. In addition to teaching the Big Bad Wolff appears on Free Speech TV, Link TV, Pacifica Radio, does public speaking at the Brecht Forum and other venues, writes books such as Capitalism Hits the Fan, Occupy the Economy and Democracy at Work and has a substantial online presence, arguing there’s a better way to run the economy that’s in the interests of the 99%, instead of the 1%. In this interview, Wolff discusses his vision for changing the capitalist system.

Fundamentally, he poses the question that if America has repeatedly gone to war abroad “to make the world safe for democracy,” isn’t it time that we brought the war home to make the American workplace safe for democracy, too? 

Read the interview here.

April Fan of the Month

Meet our April Fan of the Month: Charles Bivona.

A New Political Strategy

Across the history of modern capitalism until recently, three forces often combined to contest for political power as one strategy for basic social change. The three were labor unions, social movements, and, finally, labor, socialist, or democratic parties. The changes they favored often included a transition from capitalism to what they called socialism (usually an economy with [1]more public than private ownership of the means of production and [2] more central planning than markets as mechanisms for distributing resources and outputs). In practice, what they mostly sought and often achieved was a transition from a largely private, harsh, unstable capitalism to a relatively more state controlled, state-interventionist, mass-welfare-focused capitalism.

Read more of the latest blog entry by Richard Wolff here.

Economic Update with Richard Wolff

Updates on CEO pay, the assault on social security, Maggie Thatcher, and “job creation.” Interview with Chris Hedges on deepening social crisis, divisions, and turmoil coming. Response to listeners: on French socialists, hidden money, and workers coops paying taxes.

These Tuesday evenings will each begin with an update and analysis of major economic events of the last month and their contexts of longer-term economic trends shaping politics and society here and abroad. We will focus on the evolving global capitalist economic crisis and its consequences. We will examine topics such as

  • the social costs effects of the historic long-term US unemployment,
  • national debt crises and “austerity programs” in Greece, Ireland, Spain, and beyond
  • changes in today’s Chinese economy and their global effects,
  • tax reform and the entire tax issue in the US today,
  • continuing crisis in the US housing and credit markets
  • the economics of immigration

Actual economic developments will shape the agenda for each monthly Tuesday meeting. Rick Wolff, with occasional guests, will present an economic update and an analysis of some particular economic topics and then open the floor to questions, comments and a general discussion of where the US and world economies are going and the political implications. We aim to develop participants’ understanding of and ability to explain to others the key economic developments of our time.

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Richard D. Wolff, Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism

Richard Wolff discusses his latest book, Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism and the state of the economy with interested readers. Read the chat here.

What You’re Saying

"I just wanted to say thank you. I have watched several of your talks and feel enlightened. Over the last couple of years I have become increasingly frustrated with the economy. The first step in changing things is understanding where we are and how we got there. Your videos accomplished that for me so eloquently."

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On April 17 at 7pm, join Richard Wolff on reddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything).

On April 17 at 7pm, join Richard Wolff on reddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything).

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LIVE TONIGHT!Join economist and Democracy at Work co-founder Richard Wolff for a special Livestream of his Monthly Update in New York City.

Join economist and Democracy at Work co-founder Richard Wolff for a special Livestream of his Monthly Update in New York City.

Ask Rick

Would pure capitalism work?

Worker Self-Directed Enterprise Spotlight: TRADOC worker cooperative in Mexico

Richard Wolff discusses Jane Slaughter’s two-part series on the TRADOC worker cooperative in Mexico.

Economic Reality Checks
Economic Update with Richard Wolff

  • Updates on “recovery,” No. Dakota’s public bank, costs of US wars, global austerity, and rising health care costs for employees.
  • Major discussions of banking crisis, Stockton, CA bankruptcy, declining US manufacturing and “neutrality on raising corporations’ taxes.
  • Worker Self-Directed Enterprise spotlight: Mexican tire factor run by workers since 2005
  • Ask Rick: Responses to questions on “pure” capitalism and business reactions to resource limits.

There’s a lack of genuine democracy in our economy. How do we fix this? Join professor Richard Wolff today at 5pm EST on FireDogLake Book Salon.

Capitalism as a system has spawned deepening economic crisis. What can we do? Join economist Richard Wolff today at 5pm on FireDogLake Book Salon for a solution.